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My hiatus from working on this site has taken longer than wanted, expected, desired.......

But I am here, if for at least a moment, to touch base with what has been going on and will hopefully continue to go on.

First, as the title teases, I have turned in my design to the screen printers for my FIRST ever t-shirt for my art studio (have designed many shirts in the past for several things in the past, but this is for me to further get my art out there). I debated between starting with a BCS logo shirt or this new design that was actually inspired by 2 things: a visit to Meow Wolf in Denver and a dirty window screen in my basement window (yeah, I see images in more places than JUST clouds).

A name for this character has yet to be produced (I have to consult my business managers about that, those being my daughetr's, who also think such a character would make for a fun plush toy or vinyl figure-we will see).

Once they are made, I will put them on the web store. Looking to have basic shirts (at least 3 colors to choose from) ranging from XS to 2XL.

Until then, I will do my best to add more things to the web store as well.

I'm still trying to finish up some projects, as well as start new ones, with some real life duties in between. So keep an eye out for future updates, blogs and the like.

Until then......stay weird!

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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

I am unsure WHEN anything I have coming up will go into full effect or be complete, but since I have finally been able to blog again, I figured I would throw out the game plan for now.

Webstore: Is up and running, but with no activity in sales. Selling old work in order to make room. I have more to put up in the store. Just have to be patient. I have a few things to work out in that area.

Book: Many years ago I self published a book of poems entitled "Incomplete", which I gifted to friends and family (as well as some bands). Part of the book had incomplete scraps of writing that held their own, but I hoped one day I would be able to put into other writing. Events that happened over this past year (details of which I will not share), have caused me to revisit the scraps and actually complete the thoughts or feelings they once represented. This inspired me to look through ALL of my past writing. I was also writing new poems and songs inspired by what I was going through. I have also been creating some new art. I also have a lot of stories, some based on true events others just from moments in time, that I can do some short stories about. Going back to the songs, since I have no band and the plans/means of recording anything have been scarce or simply halted, I figured I would just throw those in as well.

I decided to compile a book of art, poems, songs and short stories. Including those completed "scraps" I had from my first book. I then pondered adding all of "Incomplete", but that seemed a bit much. Republishing might be better down the road.

I tend to get ahead of myself on projects, and this one is no exception as I already have a cover and title worked out and designed. (In my head, my "band" has over 10 CDs/albums, just to give an example of me doing so).

Other books have been planned out, but who knows when and if they will follow.

Unfinished Projects: I still have several unfinished pieces I need to try and complete before I move on. Before mentioned events have been a part of that spinning of the wheels of progress.

Sketchbook Project: Speaking of unfinished projects, I have slowly been trying to complete a sketchbook project for the Brooklyn art Library. This could help me gain more of an audience....once I finish it. I have been editing what I am putting in it since I have too many ideas and not enough pages.

I will post info on how you can view it via the website of the library.

Other: Since life has been happening constantly, my art has been on the back burner for quite some time. There is a lot to do and go through before I can comfortably get back into it fully. Who is to say IF this will happen. I want to get T-shirts going, cards, and so much more. At this time, I just don't know. Everything is a giant question mark! Blame the Riddler or gas........but I'm trying to get to a point where it will thrive before my passion burns out (I don't want that to happen.

So, fingers crossed the new year will help me refocus my goals and allow me to thrive in my art and simply in my life. Until another time.........

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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

I have been absent from blogging on my site For quite some time. Rather than getting into it, I am going to just say, if it’s going to have to be complicated, then I’ll strap up my boots and start stomping through it no matter what pain or fatigue comes from the struggle through.

Vague? Yup, I am the king of that realm!

Slowly my store is gaining inventory. Have yet to test to see if it actually works in ways of purchasing going through, but again… know.

Working on a book of poems, song lyrics, short stories and art (drawings and photography). It will be called “Moments in Time”. It’s in the VERY early stages, but it will be something for sure.

I have also been working on a sketchbook project for the Brooklyn Art Library. Deadline was months ago, but they are lax on getting them in. They truly understand the term of “shit hitting the fan”.

Would love for visitors to leave comments, complaints, etc. Helps me work on what I need to do on here.

Hopefully this will publish and I can move on.

Until another day when another dollar has been spent……

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