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We will just have to live in complication

I have been absent from blogging on my site For quite some time. Rather than getting into it, I am going to just say, if it’s going to have to be complicated, then I’ll strap up my boots and start stomping through it no matter what pain or fatigue comes from the struggle through.

Vague? Yup, I am the king of that realm!

Slowly my store is gaining inventory. Have yet to test to see if it actually works in ways of purchasing going through, but again… know.

Working on a book of poems, song lyrics, short stories and art (drawings and photography). It will be called “Moments in Time”. It’s in the VERY early stages, but it will be something for sure.

I have also been working on a sketchbook project for the Brooklyn Art Library. Deadline was months ago, but they are lax on getting them in. They truly understand the term of “shit hitting the fan”.

Would love for visitors to leave comments, complaints, etc. Helps me work on what I need to do on here.

Hopefully this will publish and I can move on.

Until another day when another dollar has been spent……

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