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Been attempting to once again do what I'm doing while doing things that can help and hurt me from doing this again. Confused? Good, we are now on the same page.

Hoping a new venture will establish more of a routine in order for me to get some new things going. Will attempt another pricing slashing on the store and eventually create mystery boxes with unsold items.

Got a new laptop so things are slow moving, but I am able to have a more reliable tool to run this site. It's like new underwear......and if you don't know that line then I am not sorry nor explaining.

So, hopefully, projects that have been in the planning stage will see life and fabrication soon, as well as more of a social media presence!

That is pretty much that, for now. Until another time........

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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

Clever title for another ignored blog. Like a lot of my art, the meaning will become more clear well after the paint dries from unintentional plans and theme.

Still giving myself the deadline of putting this website to bed by the end of summer. Once again I have shut down my webstore. I have yet to post more projects, pictures, updates and the like involving my art. I'm hoping to get there someday, but recently it just isn't in the cards.

That's the ONLY thing consistent, it seems.....this whole back and forth to whether or not I'm going to take things by storm without second thought and how I stop and go to where it's enough to make my head spin.

So, here I am, telling probably NO ONE (but myself) that although I intend to do so much with my art in many ways, it might not happen, but still there is a chance it will. I'm simply waiting on a miracle, a win of the lottery or simply just getting off my ass and risking it all. Sounds easy with the third choice, but not with my daughters' futures at stake. I'm battling between being dedicated and being selfish.

We just have to wait and see as I have recently decided to shut myself off from the world. For how long, who knows. I'm concentrating on getting my family through each more concerts, shows, etc unless it's something that my daughters want to do. I'll still be doing my art and hope I get caught up enough with my ideas to where I can actually get somewhere with it besides self-gratification.

I wish I knew how others do it, but then again, I don't deserve help from those who figured it out themselves. I go....again!

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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

It is sad when a creative mind resorts to question marks for a title. Tends to happen when your last blog was a farewell, yet you have much more to say. Plus, such a cliche!

I have been faced with several challenges in my life. Past few years have been hell, but keeping me from any type of demise or complete defeat have been my 2 daughters. I am forever grateful and in debt to their mom for bringing them into this world. I'm even thankful to her, despite ending things like she did, because it has truly tested me as an artist and a human being.

I have tried to sell my art through this site and Etsy......not too successful. I even marked things off, offered deals, etc. I thought this website would help propel my art as a whole. I want to hang on to my URL, but feel I need to take a few steps back. Start putting more effort into Instagram posts, applying to expos, exhibitions and festivals. Better yet, keep the site, close the shop and build interest through social media (have sold the most of my art through that anyway).

Different things work for different people. I know my audience is out there.

So, for now, I'm concentrating on finishing some overdue projects, documenting my journey for "content", getting a more construct base for it all as a business and self-therapy, doing more for me (art wise, etc.), keeping the mutual influence going on between my daughters and I, keeping on this highroad, and generally living and moving forward.

As for the current future of this site........I got until August of 2023 to figure that out. For now, I'll keep doing my best to keep it up and building on.

Until another time, Good or bad-find a way to keep going forward!!!

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