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I'm BAAAAACK! And I brought t-shirt designs for everybody!

My hiatus from working on this site has taken longer than wanted, expected, desired.......

But I am here, if for at least a moment, to touch base with what has been going on and will hopefully continue to go on.

First, as the title teases, I have turned in my design to the screen printers for my FIRST ever t-shirt for my art studio (have designed many shirts in the past for several things in the past, but this is for me to further get my art out there). I debated between starting with a BCS logo shirt or this new design that was actually inspired by 2 things: a visit to Meow Wolf in Denver and a dirty window screen in my basement window (yeah, I see images in more places than JUST clouds).

A name for this character has yet to be produced (I have to consult my business managers about that, those being my daughetr's, who also think such a character would make for a fun plush toy or vinyl figure-we will see).

Once they are made, I will put them on the web store. Looking to have basic shirts (at least 3 colors to choose from) ranging from XS to 2XL.

Until then, I will do my best to add more things to the web store as well.

I'm still trying to finish up some projects, as well as start new ones, with some real life duties in between. So keep an eye out for future updates, blogs and the like.

Until then......stay weird!

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