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I will be taking my web address/url and move to another service company. I have only been going backwards in progress with Wix, so I have had enough of the games, lack of communication, pathetic customer service, etc. I have been advised that I am the only one having these many issues.

Until I find a proper home, I can still be contacted via Facebook and Instagram (just remember Broken Crown Studios in your searches and you'll find me). I apologize to the few who do read these, and have visited my site. It has been difficult to upkeep something where issues continuosly keep me from moving forward with more content, etc.

I will keep going forward as a business and means of pulling through my anxiety and depression as self therapy with my art! If you or anyone you know suffers from mental illness, talk to someone, get help and know it's ok not to be ok!

In the immortal words of the Ska band, The Toasters,

"Don't let the bastards grind you down!"


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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

Back from my trip with my daughter's, found a new job a few days after getting back, and have several more ideas for art projects/pieces. Opening the store back up soon, just not sure when. I have to readjust the inventory since I have sold a few items via social media.

Hoping to balance things enough that I can start a series of work up, apply to exhibitions, finish up some overdue projects, etc

Here's an example of how I see images in man-made and mother nature made things (even on my VACATION)

Marble-esc pillar at the Gringots ride in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. (Looked like a weirdo snapping photos)

One of 2 ideas (this is just the second one) from just one part of this image. I have about 30 pictures of things I saw stuff in while we waited it out in the lines.

So, that is about that.....for now. Until another time!!!

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I'll be "off" of site and "not" of mind for a few weeks. Taking a much needed and advanced planned trip with my daughetrs. So I will not be operating the webstore (not that any sales have been made).

Tried to make some extra money by selling my art off of the site at our yard sale here at my house. Big fail. Upon my return, I will be putting everything on sale, slashing prices and praying to the bargain gods that I can make some money.

I'll try and update the gallery a bit and so on before I go.

Also upon my return, I'll be hitting the ground running with new projects, finishing projects and applying to expeditions and the like, as well as slowly work on my book.

Until then.......(something clever here).

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