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As I roll through, organize and recalculate real world stuff-I continue to plan on getting several projects off the ground, restarted or continued (some of which are personal and vital to my personal growth and progress).

I have too many ideas for series' of art, but I'm slowly setting up to get 3 (yes 3) different series going....well, possibly 4.

2 have been in the works since I started this studio out of my Mom's basement (according to her I own most of the basement with the help of my past checks aiding in the house getting paid off. That happened in 2013, a few months before the floods.....which the house survived). One is literal to the studio....each piece containing a broken crown. The other involves ice the subject, not as the medium. Mom's Basement Studios was a concept for my art studios name. Fun fact.

2 are fairly new. I'll show an example of each through pictures.

Mash up of animals, spirituality, etc. This is just one version of an elephant. Sparked by a visit to Meow Wolf as well as part of therapy getting through my first year of being divorced, so some pieces might never be seen.

Concept/idea I have actually had for an extremely long time. Tons of ideas through out those years. Different styles, poses, etc. Various themes, moods, etc.

As I typed the above, I got 3 more ideas......multi-tasking brain.

I realize I have a long road ahead of me. Building what I can with social media, word of mouth, etc. But I am stoked and optimistic to what's to come. More will be posted in the gallery, and the like. But first, there is a toilet that needs to be cleaned.

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So, my silent auction was a HUGE failure!!!!! No bids at all and any of the bundles. But I did get the usual lectures and delayed advice like "you should.....", "have you.....", etc.

I guess there is nothing left for me to do but just give up, pack it in, surrender and skip to the part of my life where I become that weird guy you see on the street!

You know the kind.....the kind that talks to fire hydrants, wears layers of mismatched clothes, judges people on how they walk by holding up score cards, attacks busses with a pool noodle and drinks juice boxes in small brown bags!

F#@& THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm putting items back on my webstore, continue working on what I can while I hopefully start working a real job soon. I'll continue being available for commission work, doing art for the pure joy, and self-therapy. It's what I did before anyway.

So, I'll put my pool noodle in storage.....for now!

Until another time.....

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  • Writer's pictureCasey Hines

Shutting down the shop and trying to do special offers through social media failed.

So I opened the shop back up and I am doing silent auctions on both Facebook and Instagram.

Links to both are on this site. I'm going to post pictures on this blog of all 3 bundles, but the bidding on them can only be done where they are posted. Facebook auction budles:

Tiki bundle!

Krampus bundle!

Instagram auction:

Cherry Blossom bundle!

All auctions close at 7pm this Friday!

Still trying to get more work done since I am unemployed (again). Money from these auctions will go towards bills, a trip my daughters and I have been planning for over a year, and a little into future projects.

Until another time.....

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