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For my Mom!!

I have been in the abyss of real job, dad-life, household responsibilities, too many projects with too little time, and the like that has kept me from reopening my webstore and furthering things on the business end artwise. However, every second I have had from the above HAS been going into CREATING art, for personal and designing possible prints/originals/etc to eventually sell down the road.

The past few months (over 1/2 a year) added additional stress on my world. My mom, who is my best friend/teacher/inspiration/amazing grandma to my girls/and more than I can ever describe, has been going through difficult medical issues. She THOUGHT she was getting somewhere eventually with tests and the like from doctors, but they did nothing but waste her time with no results. As she was declining in health she STILL went to work, one of many things she has instilled into me for which I am forever grateful. Stubbornness is what many would call it.

Vaguely fast forwarding to the past few days. Her health declined rapidly, doctors were a no show. So she looked elsewhere. Luckily my stepdad's nephew is a doctor and he decided to help us get something done immediately. She was admitted to the hospital this week and so far things are FINALLY getting done.

With my Mom not able to work, stepdad retired, and my daughters living with us most of the time, a lot is put on my shoulders (which I am not complaining about since I will do anything and everything I possibly can for friends and family).

With what lies ahead expense wise, my "real" job won't quite cut it to have us pull through. As I am all for Go Fund Me for those who need to do so (I have given to many funds to help friends and family out, giving what I can), I'm not quite ready to take that path. However, I have decided to do something else that will hopefully help my family as well as show my gratitude to all for the support. Also, my Mom, with being bias as part of her being a mom, is a fan of my art (she has random doodles of mine stashed away) and I wanted that to be a part of my helping with the finances/bills in our household.

With all that-

MY WEBSTORE IS BACK OPEN!!! I'm selling EVERYTHING I have for inventory (some inventory will be thrown in with bigger purchases). ALL proceeds will be going towards medical and household bills. FREE shipping and handling.

I am also going to do a lot of original hand drawn pieces, ranging from 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches and 8x10 inches.....also printing some digital pieces, same size options above. (to be posted on my instagram art page @brokencrownstudios, for now, since its easier to show the different options, designs). Since my mom loves pigs, I will do a lot of those in the mix.

It will be a day or two un til all this will be happening. I appreciate any purchase or support. Not only is the finacnial help important, the enjoyment of my art is also as important to me (since it always brings a smile to my mom's face).

Thank you for your time. Best to all! Until next time......

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