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Something clever here

Because all my clever and creative energy has been spread out elsewhere along with getting my household in order and moving forward.

I've been wrapped in several life things, as well as continuing doing art, but just staying under the radar. Wheels have been in motion just waiting to strike with everything that has been developing.

New ideas keep invading the turf of need to be done pieces, etc. Hoping I can resist from being bogged down and just get things done in order to start making some head way art wise and life wise.

I miss my Mom, but I know she would want me to power through everything in order to keep doing my art. She was not just my fan, but my cheer leader, pushing me to keep going and not allow my passion to die.

I have some choices to make when it comes to the site, etc. I haven't been posting a lot as of late, (or at all) but I have been creating, sketching, etc. The webstore has been at a pause with no activity. So I am pondering just shutting it down and just go way of mentioning what I have via social media. Not sure yet what to do as I also look into finally doing vending and more.

Anyway, I'm still here and I have been planning to go forward.....not just for my mom or my family, but for me. Until then.......

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