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Once again in darkness, I create

I had to say farewell to my Mom on December 12th. She was surrounded by family and love, the way she would want to leave this plain. I was fortunate enough to show her my latest works in progress, of which she was biasly my number 1 fan. Including the one below (she had a pig named Grunt-Grunt when she was younger. She was a farm girl from Nebraska, yet the most open minded person I knew.

She would always claim she was NEVER creative or an artist. Yet she could sew, crochet, craft and plan out designs verbally. I got my artistic passion from both of my parents. I feel very fortunate.

I had plans to sell my art to help my family with bills, etc. That is still in the works. My mom would want me to move forward with my art. So I will, just need a bit of time.

R.I.P. Mom. I love you and miss you but will never forget you.

Until another time.....

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