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Chaos kept together with Duct-tape

As I started to attempt in getting things set up to sell, of course life has to jump in with it's last minute changes like a blind CEO who has no clue nor care of the accuracy or sanity of their decision.

Or maybe it's just me in that observation. However the analogy is accepted, I have slowly been getting things going.

First, I sale priced some old items in my web store after going through my inventory. ALL of the shirts MUST go. What you see is what I have. will this and furutre shirts ever come around again......that's to be seen.

For now, ALL proceeds have a more dominate purpose than just being potential profit or even going back into replenishing inventory/stock. ALL proceeds go directly into medical and household bills. So i'm trying to give some deals in the sales I put on items in my web store, but need to make some money. Appreciate all sales made and additional items will be added to purchases.

I am also hitting social media to sell things not available in the webstore. Slowly I am building more and more up as I go through old prints I made as well as creating new original work and digital drawn designs for requested prints.

My family and I thank you for your support!!! Until another time.

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