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So, my silent auction was a HUGE failure!!!!! No bids at all and any of the bundles. But I did get the usual lectures and delayed advice like "you should.....", "have you.....", etc.

I guess there is nothing left for me to do but just give up, pack it in, surrender and skip to the part of my life where I become that weird guy you see on the street!

You know the kind.....the kind that talks to fire hydrants, wears layers of mismatched clothes, judges people on how they walk by holding up score cards, attacks busses with a pool noodle and drinks juice boxes in small brown bags!

F#@& THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm putting items back on my webstore, continue working on what I can while I hopefully start working a real job soon. I'll continue being available for commission work, doing art for the pure joy, and self-therapy. It's what I did before anyway.

So, I'll put my pool noodle in storage.....for now!

Until another time.....

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