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Farewell.....for now

I will be taking my web address/url and move to another service company. I have only been going backwards in progress with Wix, so I have had enough of the games, lack of communication, pathetic customer service, etc. I have been advised that I am the only one having these many issues.

Until I find a proper home, I can still be contacted via Facebook and Instagram (just remember Broken Crown Studios in your searches and you'll find me). I apologize to the few who do read these, and have visited my site. It has been difficult to upkeep something where issues continuosly keep me from moving forward with more content, etc.

I will keep going forward as a business and means of pulling through my anxiety and depression as self therapy with my art! If you or anyone you know suffers from mental illness, talk to someone, get help and know it's ok not to be ok!

In the immortal words of the Ska band, The Toasters,

"Don't let the bastards grind you down!"


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