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Contradictive Hiatus and an Elephant?

My webstore will be on pause for the next few days due to lack of activity, for the most part. But there is more to that......but first........

I recently quit my "REAL" job, mainly due to toxic and abusive behavior from a coworker. For someone like myself, there was just so much to take for so long while I was forced to just deal with it even though it was obviously a problem. I mean, how long can people ignore an elephant in the room that keeps growing and it suffocates everyone?

So, while I try to find a new "real" job and finish getting ready for a trip that has been almost 5 years in the making (that I am taking with my daughters), I figured I would try and get some of my inventory sold to make room for new work and enable me to do commission work.

As mentioned before, my webstore is on pause. How can I make money if that is the case? Well, as history has shown me, I have been able to sell my stuff more easily through Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth (or going to coffee shops, work on some drawings and nosey people look over and MAYBE make a comment that MIGHT bring a sale or order, etc.), than when I had an etsy store and currently on my website.

Starting right now, or more precisely a few hours ago, I am running some special deals on my art studios Facebook and Instagram pages through Tuesday! Anywhere from things currently on my webstore to who knows what (I'm finding some rare originals and offering what I have to do some commission work on).

Will this work? Will I make ANY money? Will Bigfoot ever be seen water skiing behind the Lochness Monster? (that would be cool). We can only know the answers to 2 of the 3 questions posed if I give it a shot. Nothing really to lose, so here we go. Links to both on this website. Please at least give me a follow, like or even pass this on to others. I would appreciate it very much!

That is all for now......I got a lot to do. Until another time!

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