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About to get surreal!

I'm back from hiatus from here. Trying once again to get things rebooted after dealing with adulting things. I haven't strayed from doing any art, as a matter of fact, my brain pan has been overflowing with more than I can keep up with, but I'm learning to deal with it and have it eventually work in my favor.

Not ready to share quite yet what ALL I have been creating, etc. but if you visit my socials, you'll get some sneak peeks of about 5% to what I got brewing.

Eventually I will be back on track, until then I will redo my gallery with more examples of past work (and some present and future stuff), as well as get a sale going on what I do have in my store to make room for more stuff.

Too much going on, just hope my focus can stay in tack long enough. I am trying to eventually be available for commission work. PLEASE, serious inquiries only! Been burned too many times (almost to a point where I might have to resort to a contract, deposit, etc).

Thank you for your patience as I try to navigate through personal life in order to make this happen more consistently. Until another time.......

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